Another Title Change

This blog has changed titles three times in its three year history.  Now we live in Arkansas.  It has been a whirlwind — less than two months since I accepted a job opportunity here until we are moved in and now residents.  Whew — how fast it has gone by!  (more…)

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The End of the New BG

I have followed the recent remake of Battlestar Galactica.  Reluctantly at times, I must say.  But the end of season four (or 4.5?) arrived, and after a two hour finale, it is over. (more…)

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Well I finally started drinking the GPS Kool-Aid the other day.  We got our tax rebate check and I decided to purchase a nice, but not top of the line Garmin nuvi on sale at Best Buy. (more…)

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A Sigh of Relief

Well, the Lord really blessed the job search.  Last week I received three job offers (!) in three disparate situations doing three unrelated jobs:  1. As a process control engineer at a paper mill in rural Alabama, 2. As a process technologist (current job) with my same company in Chicago, and 3. As a process development engineer in rural Arkansas (what part of Ark ISN’T rural??).  Anyhow, after much deliberation & prayer, I chose the situation in Arkansas.  I think that job has a lot of upside and will expand my skills into new areas.  It could even open up the pharmaceuticals industry, as the processes are mostly batch in nature.

Kim and I praise the Lord for the success of the search in difficult economic times.  I do not take it lightly that I got even one offer (much less three!).  Now we again pray for the Lord’s guidance and favor in making the move.  And so it begins …

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A Tough Week

Last week I was in Chicago for the balmy weather.  The weather was, in the words of another hotel attendee, “Character-building weather.”  I could not agree more.  It got progressively worse during the week, bottoming out at -17 degF on Friday morning (!).  That is in my top five coldest days in my existence on planet Earth.  And that wasn’t even the half of it.  The weather inside was quite different. (more…)

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Christmas Time on TV

One of the great benefits to the TiVo is that you can find all of those old Christmas shows that are rather kid-friendly.  In fact, it’s amazing that there are SO many old shows out there.  Of course, my favorite was and is ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’.  My dad and I always watched it together; he got so tickled at the song lamenting how bad a person the Grinch was.  I mean, there’s just something humorous about saying you wouldn’t touch someone “with a 39 1/2 foot pole” or “You’re a triple decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauceeeeee (silly music following)”.  Also, I always really liked the clay / still figure animation Santa Claus / Rudolph films by Rankin & Bass.  (more…)

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Baby Boy!

Although a little late on the post, we welcomed Eli to the world last Monday.  He was a BIG one:  12 lb. and 1 oz. and 22″ long !  We — Kim, me, the nurses and doctors — were stunned at his size!  If he would have been much later, then a C-section would have been invoked.  The Lord really blessed the timing of the induction; it was starting to look like the baby was coming on Monday anyway.  We are thankful to the Lord that he arrived safe and healthy!! 

One more comment about the first week:  it is really neat to have a newborn around again.  All the little sounds and behaviors of ones so small — how quickly you forget these things after the first month or so.

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A Brief Word on UT Football

I have to say that, after the thrashing that UT took against UF on Saturday, I have lost support for Coach Fulmer.  This a little bit of a statement for me, as I have been in the “36%” that still supports GWB (i.e., Fulmer).  But, poor coaching / execution makes it no fun to watch anymore.  Maybe other teams’ games will be OK to watch, but not UT Football.  There is a good chance that after this weekend, I won’t bother watching or listening to anymore games this season.  That’s because I expect AU to beat UT by 20+ points (the threshold I have set as my “litmus” test).  All in all, it’s not a bad thing as things look to get pretty busy around here this fall.  And, as mentioned above, it is no fun to watch football anymore; it hasn’t been for several years now.  Not that it really matters — it’s just entertainment anyway.  Hopefully, I will put some time into doing something a little more productive — like reading books, for example.

Every team goes through a down cycle.  UT’s football program has been sliding that way for a while.  And, most teams usually rise back up again after a few years.  There are several stories like this all the time — particularly in the SEC.  Coach Fulmer is full of surprises so, as always, you can’t tell how things will go.  But I had enough misery in 2002 & 2005 watching UT.  There is no point in repeating that cycle again.

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A Great Race!

I really got into the Olympics this year.  It has always been something of a personal tradition.  The opening ceremonies were very memorable with the finale to light the torch:  Great finish!  However, I think the chase by Phelps for 8 made this one especially worth watching.  I was so fired up by the men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay.  It was one for the ages.  I found a great article on the race to give some perspective on the historic nature of the race.  It is here.  The best part was that the smack-talking Frenchman, Alain Bernard, got a nice plate of crow served up.  Basically, he said that the French team came to “smash” the Americans.  Well, it didn’t work out that way this year; what a classic race!!  The full race is here

Regarding Phelps, it was great to follow the 8-gold saga.  Probably, the more exciting finish was in the 100 meter butterfly race.  Given today’s technology it really is possible (along with the 1/100 th photos) to believe a 0.01 margin of victory.  That was a fantastic finish!  The whole of the swimming part of the olympics really has given me a picture of how dominant the US is in swimming.

Great fun!

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2nd Thoughts on The Dark Knight

In thinking about TDK the last night or two, although my overall impression of the movie changed with a key event in the story, there were a few good points that should be noted.  It was a deep movie in a way, and was definitely thought provoking (long post follows …).  (more…)

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