A weekend adventure

This weekend was the couples / young families camp out at Camp Smiling Acres.  The weather was spectacular: low humidity and temperature!   The territory is uneven, so we had a slight taste of hilly terrain: a welcome sight! No trouble was experienced with any bugs or critters.  The kids all had a lot of fun with their friends.  Isaac and Bailey were hard to locate since they had a "pack" that they were running around with.  We kept a pretty close eye on Olivia; she had limited freedom to roam, but had a lot of fun as well.  Anna Grace got to eat and sleep, so life was great for her too.  Kim and I were able to visit with friends in a non-timetable conscious mode — a definite luxury.  I even had a chance to play frisbee golf (disc golf to enthusiasts).  There is a newly built 9-hole course that is a challenge.  At least 3 of the 9 favor south-paws.  Anyhow it was great fun; I haven't played in 4 or 5 years!  We ate smores, played camp games like sack race (I didn't fall: this is equivalent to winning in my mind), and softball / tee-ball.  The Lord really blessed our time there.  We really love and appreciate our church family and friends; we are extremely thankful to be a part of the South Baton Rouge church.

On the way back, I thought this might be our golden chance to see the damage in New Orleans.  There is a route from camp that brought us to I-55.  Since we were in travel mode, we took advantage of it and went.  Traffic flowed extremely well; this was great and unexpected since we've heard horror stories of weekday traffic in and out of the city.  We drove down I-10 East to I-610 East.  We took I-610 to the Elysian Fields exit.  From the bottom of the ramp we turned left and immediately faced what appeared to be a scrap yard of cars under the interstate.  Going down Elysian, we at times could make out where the waterline was: probably at least 6 feet high in spots we saw.  It was pretty sad.  So many houses did not appear to have residents yet — if ever.  We did see numerous trash piles on the outside of some houses — perhaps an indicator that they will rebuild.  Kim speculated that blue roofs — and we saw several along the interstate — might also be an indicator that the owners likely want to rebuild / repair.  There was generally a bustle of activity in most places down Elysian, but spaces of no people out at all.  We turned around at Lakeshore Drive at the University of New Orleans.  It was pretty emotional to see all the devastation.  This was our first visit to New Orleans in over a year; Katrina came nearly 8 months ago.  The mayoral election had just taken place:  the incumbent, Mayor Ray Nagin, will be in a runoff election with challenger Mitch Landrieu, the lieutenant governor of the state.  I am glad we made the trip, but sad as well; the memories flooded in (no pun intended): it is still extremely moving.

All things considered, it was a great weekend at the camp and a great time of pause and reflection from our trip to the city.

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