A Radical Makeover for a Familiar Place

During the week I meet two times with friends (sort of a men's prayer breakfast / fellowship time) at a familiar place … and target of obesity foes: Good ol' McDonald's.  Each of the two McDonald's has a different style.  The Sherwood Forest / I-12 stop is a classic McDonald's with a PlayPlace.  The Siegen Lane / I-10 location sports a somewhat more coffee shop like feel.  The important part of each place is the visiting that gets done.  And, the coffee is not too bad:  they came out with an improved blend recently. 

Take a look around because the days of the standard looking McDonald's with the Golden Arches appear to be numbered.  McDonald's has seen the success of Starbucks and the coffee shop phenom and wants a part.  They now have a plan to convert ALL of their franchises to a radical new look by the end of 2007!  New store construction will follow the new design from now on.  Some franchises are protesting vigorously, as the cost will be $300,000 – $400,000 per store to do the renovations.  But, in the end, they will likely have to comply.  Anyway, check out the story at:


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