We are blessed! … and thankful!!

Kim and I have been facing a budget wake-up call lately.  We are both believers in the Dave Ramsey system (and his inspiration is the Bible and the school of hard knocks!), but sometimes we need to do "triage". It is amazing how the dollars just get away, unless you put a name on each of them (i.e., no dollar goes unbudgeted, or it WILL be spent on something that you probably didn't need).  We also benefitted from some of Dave's advice regarding term life insurance.  Try Zander if you want to get the best quote from many companies.

Anyhow, this re-focus on the budget has caused Kim and I to stop and count the Lord's blessings to our family.  First we have our family — that alone is a great blessing.  Then our church and friends, the job, a house (especially after last year!), and nice neighbors.  We also looked back over the past year, and saw many fantastic unexpected blessings (hint: we are the hand-me-down family — and proud of it!):  we have received two beds, new furniture for Bailey, a computer and TV, a chest of drawers, a coffee table, a recent gift certificate from work (more books!), a dust buster, lower electricity bills (helped by new digital thermostats), and 3 weeks of free lodging during our house transition last year.  Tonight was a terrific unexpected surprise: our neighbor was getting rid of a 1 1/2 year old, 36" TV, and offered it to us!  I thought he was kidding.  He said that he already tried to give it away once, as they have several newer TVs in the house.  Anyway, we are certainly extremely thankful for this kind of generosity.  We are learning to be generous in return.  The Lord is certainly teaching us that.

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