Congratulations Isaac!

On Thursday, Isaac graduated from his Mother's Day Out preschool at Goodwood Church of Christ.  There was a nice program put on by the six graduates (& Miss Janet!).  The kids sang songs, recited poems, and collected their diplomas.  We are very proud of you Isaac! 

Miss Janet and all of the ladies at MDO have done a fantastic job with our children. It was obivious at graduation that all the ladies love all the children that they come in contact with.  We love and appreciate them and their efforts very much.  Since we moved we will be sending Bailey and Olivia there anymore, so it is somewhat sad.  One of the neat things about the Goodwood MDO is that the Lord is at work building unity between SBRCC and Goodwood CoC through this low-profile, but extremely important ministry to children.  There are at least three ladies on the staff who are from South, and several families from South have sent there children there.  Praise the Lord for His unifying power!  Thanks again to Miss Janet, Terry, Andrea, Melissa, Becky, and Delores (& anybody that I left out!)!  You all do a great job.

Then, Isaac finished beginning swimming lessons on Friday.  I was so proud of him!  Isaac even jumped in the pool on the deep end (at the teacher's instruction!) without a floatie and swam a short distance to her.  I was really glad to see that Isaac had the confidence to do that (I was a nervous wreck — for a few moments, anyway!).  Jadon was a big boy too; he did the same.  The session ended with popsicles.

Great job Isaac!  I am really proud of you son!

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