A New Callahan

I wanted to say congratulations to Jimmy and Connie on the birth of their newest: Maggie Paige!!  I praise God for her safe arrival, and for the smooth labor and delivery.  It is amazing how a Sunday can begin normally and a few hours later life has changed radically — at last, the wait is over!  May God Bless You in raising not only your new daughter, but all of the clan.

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Update to Borg … Narnia

In my post My Favorite Borg, I mentioned discovering the Star Trek Fan Collective sets.  I got the Borg set and have now finished viewing it.  It was really outstanding.  The 14 episodes (or 16, if you break up Dark Frontier and Endgame into their original versions) covered many aspects of the Borg.  In fact, I had never seen from Voyager: Scorpion, Part I on.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Although Scorpion, Parts I & II were pretty good (though obviously borrowing from B5), probably my favorite of the new episodes was Dark Frontier, Parts I & II.  The story and acting were top notch.  I'd still have to say that my overall favorite Borg stories are The Best of Both Worlds, Parts I & II, along with Star Trek: First Contact (not in the set).  It was nice to reboot my ST interest, as I have all but exhausted the B5 material.  Now it's on to STFC: Time Travel!

As for Reading Narnia with the Kids, I have been continuing to read with the books in story order (not published order).  We started with The Magician's Nephew, then went through The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  We are now two chapters in to The Horse and His Boy.  I continue to be impressed with Lewis and his ability to translate the faith into compelling fantasy myths.  The kids seem to be not only following the stories, but (at least moderately – !) enjoying them as well.  I am committed to reading with them for a long time.  I know that it will be rewarding not only for them, but for creating cherished memories for me too.

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A tale of two churches (or three)

Today is Father's Day, and, somewhat predictably, the sermon was about fathers.  Now I have been really impressed by Eddie's preaching: he really has a gift for it.  Today's father's day sermon was a masterpiece that moved me.  The scripture was from Mark 5:21-43:  the story of two daughters in desperate trouble.  The story of Jairus, his daughter (12 years old), and the woman with the medical trouble (for 12 years — !) took on a new meaning for me.  The stories are familiar, except the new twist to me was that, just as Jesus's hands healed a dead girl and a woman, we are the hands of Christ now — the church.  The sermon closed in an especially moving way as Eddie read a heartfelt letter from a daughter to her dad.  The part that I didn't see coming was that the story of the girl and her very bad decisions growing up would turn out to be someone I know at church!!  (more…)

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Happy Anniversary Kim!

Today is the 7th anniversary for Kim and I.  It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years already.  I still remember meeting you for the first time.  It is really neat to have a picture of us on our 1st day together.  We have seen a lot in these 7 years.  Never did I think that my future included marriage to a lovely wife like you, four beautiful children, and a home and church family in Louisiana that we love.  Proverbs 18:22 has really been true for me — I definitely feel blessed by the Lord.  I hope we are blessed with many years together.  I love you sweetie:  Happy Anniversary! 

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Are you a dancing fool?

I must say that, although I KNOW it looks like it would NOT be a possibility with me, I finally "busted-a-move" on a dance floor after a wedding back in '97.  And, even though my public dancing has been limited to less than a handful of times total, I really enjoyed it — after MUCH initial trepidation.  These past experiences came in handy for appreciating "The Internet Dancing Guy" video on the MSN news story.  There are two versions: the original and a live performance on the Today show.  This was just hilarious.  Thank you Kim for finding it and leaving it up for me to see!! 

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A short word about growing children

Anna Grace turned 4 months on June 2. She has recently had a couple of milestones.  In the past couple of weeks she has begun rolling over!  The trouble is that she can't roll back yet — and it is a source of great frustration!  Then, today, we discovered (at least part of) why she has been fussy lately:  she now has her first tooth popping out!!  Take these things coupled with her new fascination with clutching anything within reach and numerous "utterances" (songs? words? … who cares — they sound great!!), and it dawns on me how fast she is growing up! 

The same is true for Livy and her singing and talking (many times indecipherable — but less and less every day).  Isaac and Bailey are sprouting up as well.  (more…)

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My Favorite Borg

Although Babylon 5 is my all time favorite TV sci-fi epic story (including the pilot episode, 5 seasons total, 13 episodes of a sequel, 4 made for TV movies, a spin-off movie, and several spin off novels and comics … but who’s counting!), I have been a Star Trek fan for a long time, and have recently had a resurgence in interest in some of its old episodes. 

I came across the Star Trek Fan Collective DVD sets on Amazon.com and my interest was sparked.  (more…)

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