My Favorite Borg

Although Babylon 5 is my all time favorite TV sci-fi epic story (including the pilot episode, 5 seasons total, 13 episodes of a sequel, 4 made for TV movies, a spin-off movie, and several spin off novels and comics … but who’s counting!), I have been a Star Trek fan for a long time, and have recently had a resurgence in interest in some of its old episodes. 

I came across the Star Trek Fan Collective DVD sets on and my interest was sparked.  Now the DVD sets of each season of each show (in story chronological order (seasons total): Enterprise(4), Star Trek: The Original Series(3), The Next Generation(7), Deep Space Nine(7), and Voyager(7) ) are quite expensive.  Many of the season sets are over $100 (!).  Too rich for my blood at the present time.  However, there are these new sets that have fans’ favorite eps in them.  There are five that are either out or to be released this year: The Jean-Luc Picard Collection (not sure if this was voted on by fans), Borg, Time Travel, Q, and Klingon varieties.  They are up to 16 eps per set, and are very reasonable to buy. 

My favorite enemy ever was the Borg: “Resistance is futile … You will be assimilated !!”  They are a collective consciousness that live in a “hive”.  There were several fascinating eps exploring their dominance and characteristic features.  I thought that the 8th movie in the franchise (First Contact) did a really good job expanding the Borg lore.  And, to wax political, there may even have been artistic shots taken at the United States via the Borg storyline.  Certainly the original series had political overtones (i.e., some of the alien races were analogous to political and / or military adversaries of the United States). I have sometimes wondered if the Borg were supposed to represent us (?).  Hollywood is not typically friendly to our nations’ foundational principles, so this would not come as a surprise.  The Borg would make for a menacing incarnation of one foundational idea in the US: the melting pot idea of times past (perhaps the illegal alien crisis is a threat to this? I am not sure about that yet).  Anyhow, I guess I’ll choose to suspend judgment and admire what a great villian the Borg were.

I look forward to acquiring the other sets, since I gather from fan reviews on Amazon that they are an excellent cross-section of eps on the given theme.  Engage!

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