A short word about growing children

Anna Grace turned 4 months on June 2. She has recently had a couple of milestones.  In the past couple of weeks she has begun rolling over!  The trouble is that she can't roll back yet — and it is a source of great frustration!  Then, today, we discovered (at least part of) why she has been fussy lately:  she now has her first tooth popping out!!  Take these things coupled with her new fascination with clutching anything within reach and numerous "utterances" (songs? words? … who cares — they sound great!!), and it dawns on me how fast she is growing up! 

The same is true for Livy and her singing and talking (many times indecipherable — but less and less every day).  Isaac and Bailey are sprouting up as well.  Isaac is doing so well with his artwork and in teeball.  Last night, Isaac had a few moments to spare before bedtime and wanted to know "what can we do together".  We wound up spending the time doing a bit of art at the kitchen table before reading a book.  Bailey is on constant lookout for her new friends across the street; they are nigh unto inseparable at times.  She is also flourishing in the art department.  A familiar routine she has developed before bedtime pleading that her "legs are too tired!": this is my cue to carry her up the stairs and put her in bed.  Sometimes I sigh and take these moments for granted.  Then at other times I come to my senses and realize that these are the moments of a lifetime.  Children truly are a blessing from the Lord!!

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  1. Yes, they are blessing! I really can’t imagine my life without my children. They bring so much joy and just plain fun (most of the time).

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