Welcome Home

The family arrived back in town on Sunday night.  I had definitely missed them.  I think the kids’ limit without Dad was reached as well.  They were as thrilled to see me as I was them.  It was a 17 day visit that they had taken to Tennessee; I couldn’t make it this year due to work. 

Oddly, I did not take advantage of the time in order to read anything of consequence, either fiction or non-fiction (there goes the “no time” excuse!).  I gave up on my book buying obsession briefly: not one thin dime was spent on a book.  I did, however, buy 2 Johnny Cash CDs and rented 3 movies from Blockbuster (a rarity indeed): Minority Report, Gattaca (see the embedded nucleic acid sequence?!?), and Stargate.  I even came across a blast from the past on Jetix: a hilarious comic hero satire cartoon (ever see The Tick??!); it is definitely a winner for fans of comic books.  A fellow from work lent me the first 3 seasons of the sci-fi series Stargate.  I am now 13 episodes in (including the original movie of 1994 and the pilot of the new show), and I am definitely on my way to being hooked.  The reinterpretation of mythology, from the Norse gods, to ancient Egypt, Bablyon, the Mayans, et al, is quite interesting.  I also managed to catch Superman Returns, as well.  Overall, I liked the show pretty well; there were plenty of salutes to previous lore.  The best part to me was that we got to see a return of the menacing Lex Luthor (I like Gene Hackman, but the previous movies were a bit too campy regarding Luthor).   

All in all, excepting some long hours at work, it was somewhat of an ironic departure from the things that I had planned.  I’m glad life is returning to normalcy.  So I say to Kim and the kids: Welcome Home!

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