My Two Cents … Part II

The world seems to have completely lost it. Why in the world is there such a double standard when it comes to Israel and the terrorists?!?  Most anytime the terrorists capture, kill, maim, or slaughter innocent civilians, the world (or most of it — it seems) turns a blind eye, and finds a way to blame the US, Britain, or Israel (and for the true diehard militant Islamists, India fits the bill too) as the reason it happened.  Nevermind that the terrorists hide behind civilians, store their weapons in civilian buildings, and pose as civilians when they blow themselves up in public places: somehow this appears to be excusable.  Craziness is entrenched in Europe as well: the Spanish prime minister even put on a Palestinian themed tie today, presumably to show solidarity with them (and their terrorists??).  Now I understand that no one (including me) wants violence done to truly innocent civilians; nor do I feel that the Palestinian people have been treated justly (just ask the Arab nations around them who have NOT allowed them into their countries over the last 50+ years!!).  But for the world to ignore that Israel was drawn into this conflict by open provocation through Iran and Syria’s proxy war via Hezbollah (in Lebanon) and Islamic Jihad (in Gaza) is beyond the pale.  This is utter nonsense.  So I say fine, Spain; have it your way: You didn’t want to finish what you started in Iraq (but got bombed anyway — and by homegrown terrorists at that), and now this?  I simply cannot understand this mindset. 

The flip side is this:  In the Bible, the Lord allowed nations that exhibited adherence to any type of moral code to judge His own people, the nation of Israel.  Israel had become so wicked that judgment came from the most unlikely hands (read Habakkuk, where the Lord says that Habakkuk would not believe what He would do: raise up the Chaldeans — Babylonians — to judge unbelieving Israel).  So, is the Lord using the militant Islamists (whose fellow, non-violent Muslims have perhaps a stronger sense of faith and family than the secular, unbelieving West does) as an instrument of judgment on us?  I am really not sure.  The Lord eventually judged Babylon for its evil as well, so I am sure that the militant Islamists and their sympathizers and supporters will eventually be held accountable by the Lord for their deeds.  But will that be after the downfall of the West?  I’ll borrow a line from Yoda: “Difficult to see.”

I hope for the best.  I hope that sensible people will realize that we are already in a worldwide war on terror, World War III, or whatever you’d like to call it.  We definitely have our failings in this country and in the West in general, but there is still some good left in us.  I just pray that the enemies without (and within) are defeated in the long run, for the good of everyone. 

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