Kids Say the Darndest Things

I do believe that was the name of a popular show hosted by Bill Cosby once upon a time ago.  However, the saying behind the show is surely true.  I had some recent additions to this extremely lengthy list.

We’ve been teaching the kids to thank Kim for their dinner, as Kim is the chief chef around here.  I also thank her.  The other day Bailey said, “Daddy, aren’t you going to forgive momma for dinner? (!)”

The kids went to the Arts and Science Museum in BR yesterday.  Bailey got up this morning all excited and told me, “Dad, there are mummies at the museum.  They are upstairs. They are DEAD! And, they are wrapped in toilet paper — Laney told me!”

Olivia was in Bible class last Wednesday.  They were to get a snack at some point, so, at the beginning of class Livy said she wanted her snack.  The teacher said they would get one when they were done.  Livy says, “I’m done!”  Hungry critter.

Last night for family night we all watched “The Fox and the Hound”. I had never watched it through completely (that I remember, anyway).  So, I remarked to Kim that it was a bit strong as they were scared a bit at different parts.  Isaac apparently overhead me.  Later, during a somewhat intense part, Isaac said, “Dad, this is a really powerful movie, isn’t it?”

These are just a few of the small moments in the last day or two that make parenting quite satisfying.  We thank God for our children — they are a blessing! 

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Back to (Home) School Kickoff

Isaac officially started school on August 1.  This was not celebrated nearly as much as if he had gone OFF to school.  Kim and I have decided to try the homeschool route.  Thanks to some influence from friends from church, the difficult school situation in East Baton Rouge Parish, and Kim’s research and prayers , we decided to seriously consider homeschooling.  Admittedly, Kim will be the main academic teacher (home administrator, housecleaner, mother of 4 children under 6 years (!), etc.) at least intially.  I will likely be involved mainly through reading to the kids.

This past weekend, Kim and I attended a Back to School Kickoff homeschooling event at the First New Testament church on Aubin Drive near Cedarcrest and Stanley Aubin.  I think that this event did more to solidify my committment to this idea than anything else so far.  The event was just a half day, and it was a blessing that I even got to attend any of it, since I had to go to work that day.  Anyhow, I got a lot of perspective on the origins of the homeschool movement in Louisiana.  Then, a class on the father’s role in homeschooling provided a panel Q & A discussion for several of the fathers there.  (more…)

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Happy Birthday!

I would like to send a Happy Birthday wish to my sweet wife Kim!  I hope that the day (or what’s left of it, that is) will be more enjoyable than the first part!  May there be no further meetings with new preschool teachers (which incite extreme tantrums from one or more of our lovely children) the rest of the day.  Happy Birthday! — Love, Mark

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Evolve This!

I am pretty fired up right now.  I just read an article on The Evangelical Outpost website that was fantastic!  It was a three part post entitled 10 Ways Darwinists Help Intelligent Design.  I was particularly amused by a letter between two hard-core Darwinists that the author provided a link to.  This link was on William Dembski’s (well known Intelligent Design thinker and Darwinist critic) weblog, “Uncommon Descent” — yet another great site to visit.

The letter from Dennett to Ruse that I linked to showed the true face of the Darwinist.  The best thing about it was the honesty of Ruse.  I commend him being so straight up.  No, we don’t agree; but, his demeanor allows for honest debate.  In fact, he and Phillip Johnson are actually friends! 

One other amusing thing from the 3 part post was Joe Carter’s (the author) comments regarding Peter Singer (emphasis mine): ”

On occasion I’ve been known to gently mock those with whom I disagree (except for Dawkins and Peter Singer, who I despise). But to dismiss them entirely, even when, like Mr. Scalzi, they hold anti-rational opinions, would stifle genuine debate.

I laughed out loud at that, because Peter Singer is one of the most destructive forces on the planet when it comes to preserving human dignity.  Richard Dawkins is equally destructive and condescending when it comes to promoting Darwinism and condeming religious belief. 

Oh well, the culture war (in this case, the battle for the right to tell the story of our origins) will go on.  Too bad, that scientific dogma (read: religious faith) is still repressing the truth; however, maybe the truth debit is actually coming due.  What a refreshing thought that is!!

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The Price of Oil Will Surely … Fall ??!?!

I came across a fascinating article from Forbes Magazine (14 August 2006).  It is an opinion written by the owner of a consulting firm.  It is scary how much sense it makes; I am not sure if it is a pipe dream just yet.  Furthermore, I am not completely sure that it would be a good thing, given the other not-so-nice predictions that go with a falling price for oil (too far, that is).  I have given a few excepts of the article here:

Speculation … jumped from stocks to real estate, emerging markets and commodities. Oil in particular. Investors … have bought oil for delivery many months hence in the futures market, pushing those prices above spot levels. … The futures price for December 2006 is now $4 a barrel higher than the price for immediate delivery. (more…)

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Who is the Biggest Bigot?

It seems today that a strange hypocrisy is allowed: certain bigotries are mercilessly shoved into the light, while others are hurriedly covered up and excused.  Take the latest celeb news about Mel Gibson.  Now I didn’t hear what he said while he was drunk, but apparently he uttered something that would be offensive to a Jewish person.  Jesus said that from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks, so Gibson probably had some type of anti-Semitism in his heart.  But, as a contrast, take the case of the man, a Muslim, who drove three hours from a mosque into Seattle then went to a Jewish center of some sort and proceeded to shoot six unarmed women, one of whom was killed.  (more…)

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