Evolve This!

I am pretty fired up right now.  I just read an article on The Evangelical Outpost website that was fantastic!  It was a three part post entitled 10 Ways Darwinists Help Intelligent Design.  I was particularly amused by a letter between two hard-core Darwinists that the author provided a link to.  This link was on William Dembski’s (well known Intelligent Design thinker and Darwinist critic) weblog, “Uncommon Descent” — yet another great site to visit.

The letter from Dennett to Ruse that I linked to showed the true face of the Darwinist.  The best thing about it was the honesty of Ruse.  I commend him being so straight up.  No, we don’t agree; but, his demeanor allows for honest debate.  In fact, he and Phillip Johnson are actually friends! 

One other amusing thing from the 3 part post was Joe Carter’s (the author) comments regarding Peter Singer (emphasis mine): ”

On occasion I’ve been known to gently mock those with whom I disagree (except for Dawkins and Peter Singer, who I despise). But to dismiss them entirely, even when, like Mr. Scalzi, they hold anti-rational opinions, would stifle genuine debate.

I laughed out loud at that, because Peter Singer is one of the most destructive forces on the planet when it comes to preserving human dignity.  Richard Dawkins is equally destructive and condescending when it comes to promoting Darwinism and condeming religious belief. 

Oh well, the culture war (in this case, the battle for the right to tell the story of our origins) will go on.  Too bad, that scientific dogma (read: religious faith) is still repressing the truth; however, maybe the truth debit is actually coming due.  What a refreshing thought that is!!

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