Kids Say the Darndest Things

I do believe that was the name of a popular show hosted by Bill Cosby once upon a time ago.  However, the saying behind the show is surely true.  I had some recent additions to this extremely lengthy list.

We’ve been teaching the kids to thank Kim for their dinner, as Kim is the chief chef around here.  I also thank her.  The other day Bailey said, “Daddy, aren’t you going to forgive momma for dinner? (!)”

The kids went to the Arts and Science Museum in BR yesterday.  Bailey got up this morning all excited and told me, “Dad, there are mummies at the museum.  They are upstairs. They are DEAD! And, they are wrapped in toilet paper — Laney told me!”

Olivia was in Bible class last Wednesday.  They were to get a snack at some point, so, at the beginning of class Livy said she wanted her snack.  The teacher said they would get one when they were done.  Livy says, “I’m done!”  Hungry critter.

Last night for family night we all watched “The Fox and the Hound”. I had never watched it through completely (that I remember, anyway).  So, I remarked to Kim that it was a bit strong as they were scared a bit at different parts.  Isaac apparently overhead me.  Later, during a somewhat intense part, Isaac said, “Dad, this is a really powerful movie, isn’t it?”

These are just a few of the small moments in the last day or two that make parenting quite satisfying.  We thank God for our children — they are a blessing! 

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  1. Mark
    I guess I am really showing my age to tell you that the original “Kids Say the Darnest Things” was hosted by Art Linkletter, who I think has a book out by that name. Later on, Bill Cosby hosted a show by the same name and, pretty much, in the same format.

    See you soon

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