An American Entertained

Lately, I’ve dropped out of the blogosphere.  I’m too busy … being entertained, that is.  As with many Americans, entertainment occupies a disproportianate share of my time.  To give some examples, I have recently welcomed the return of the college and pro football seasons, continued watching Stargate SG-1 season 3 episodes (and season 10 eps on Sci-Fi on Friday night — with Atlantis, as well), began a fantasy football league with guys at work, started reading a Spiderman classic volume, and even been highly entertained by the creative comedy that is the “Real Men of Genius” collection of Bud Light Beer Commercials (there are a few that are less than tasteful, but some are just a plain riot!!).  My favorite salutes “Mr Hotdog-Eating-Contest-Contestant”.  Ah, the simple pleasures of life.

I do believe that our lives are seasonal in nature.  Mine seems to be particularly cyclical.  I get enamored with one thing or another for a while, and then the fire fades.  (more…)

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I’m Glad They’re in Our Military!

I guess I’m on a football motif for the moment, so please bear with me.  UT barely escaped Air Force by stuffing a 2-point, go-ahead conversion try.  AF fell short by 5 yards.  In the Nashville Tennessean, I came across this excellent quote from a Tennessee linebacker:

“Those guys never quit,” Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo exclaimed. “I’m glad they’re in our military. They played until the fourth quarter. We were up two touchdowns, and those guys kept coming after us. They had a wonderful scheme.”

After a chuckle (that was a GREAT quote), I reflected on this and realized that I couldn’t agree more.  In light of 9/11, we need the best and brightest, no-quit people in the armed forces.  Air Force gave it their all, and fell short on the field.  May they achieve their goals in defending us from the evil plans of the Islamo-fascist terrorists and other forces / nations that are hostile to US.

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It’s Football Time!

Even a week or so ago, I would NOT have put the ! after the title.  I have had zero energy for college football.  I’m sure that it has nothing to do with Tennessee’s horrifying season last year.  Surely not that.  And, as for UT (i.e., the University of Tennessee — NOT Texas!)’s opener, I even had to go to work during the game.  I only saw the first offensive and defensive series.  I kind of dreaded the game anyway — a 5-6 season really leaves a hangover.  I’ve been immersed in Seasons 1-3 of Stargate SG-1, so I had even less reason to care.


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