It’s Football Time!

Even a week or so ago, I would NOT have put the ! after the title.  I have had zero energy for college football.  I’m sure that it has nothing to do with Tennessee’s horrifying season last year.  Surely not that.  And, as for UT (i.e., the University of Tennessee — NOT Texas!)’s opener, I even had to go to work during the game.  I only saw the first offensive and defensive series.  I kind of dreaded the game anyway — a 5-6 season really leaves a hangover.  I’ve been immersed in Seasons 1-3 of Stargate SG-1, so I had even less reason to care.

So, I was quite shocked to see that UT had a good game against California.  I feel like Cal had several things going against them at the wrong time.  This became an avalanche in front of a hostile crowd of 106,000+ fans in orange (orange #7 to be precise in hue).  Cal’s problems at least included the following: They 1. tried to put in a new offensive system (instead of using the head coach (Tedford)’s proven system) from a new O-coordinator, 2. attempted to break in a redshirt freshman at cornerback to replace a player injured in fall camp, 3. got their starting tight end knocked out of the game with a concussion on the kickoff, and 4. used a QB with only 3 games’ experience before an injury last season, instead of the guy who replaced him for the other 8 games.  So, UT’s 35-18 (35-0 at one point) victory was not as big as it might seem, but glorious nonetheless.  What a way to put 5-6 in the past. 

I think it is safe to say that this team will at least be more competitive than last year’s.  They appear to have a much better attitude, work ethic, and team spirit by FAR over last year’s team.  I think 8-4 will be a big step forward from last year, especially if they get one or two wins over the big three rivals: Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.  Last year they lost to all three after having beaten all three in 2004.  Meanwhile, LSU rolls into Knoxville on November 4.  Thankfully, I will not be there; nothing good can come from attending that game for me.  The old road trip to Florida State is in the works for this year, so I will hopefully get a chance to do that instead. 

Anyway, I do love watching college football — be it UT or anyone else.  This is the past time for me in the fall!!

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