I’m Glad They’re in Our Military!

I guess I’m on a football motif for the moment, so please bear with me.  UT barely escaped Air Force by stuffing a 2-point, go-ahead conversion try.  AF fell short by 5 yards.  In the Nashville Tennessean, I came across this excellent quote from a Tennessee linebacker:

“Those guys never quit,” Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo exclaimed. “I’m glad they’re in our military. They played until the fourth quarter. We were up two touchdowns, and those guys kept coming after us. They had a wonderful scheme.”

After a chuckle (that was a GREAT quote), I reflected on this and realized that I couldn’t agree more.  In light of 9/11, we need the best and brightest, no-quit people in the armed forces.  Air Force gave it their all, and fell short on the field.  May they achieve their goals in defending us from the evil plans of the Islamo-fascist terrorists and other forces / nations that are hostile to US.

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