An American Entertained

Lately, I’ve dropped out of the blogosphere.  I’m too busy … being entertained, that is.  As with many Americans, entertainment occupies a disproportianate share of my time.  To give some examples, I have recently welcomed the return of the college and pro football seasons, continued watching Stargate SG-1 season 3 episodes (and season 10 eps on Sci-Fi on Friday night — with Atlantis, as well), began a fantasy football league with guys at work, started reading a Spiderman classic volume, and even been highly entertained by the creative comedy that is the “Real Men of Genius” collection of Bud Light Beer Commercials (there are a few that are less than tasteful, but some are just a plain riot!!).  My favorite salutes “Mr Hotdog-Eating-Contest-Contestant”.  Ah, the simple pleasures of life.

I do believe that our lives are seasonal in nature.  Mine seems to be particularly cyclical.  I get enamored with one thing or another for a while, and then the fire fades.  For example, I started the Dallas Willard book, Hearing God at a reasonable pace, and then fizzled out around chapter 5.  I do intend to finish it, but reading it has NOT gone at the pace that I wanted.  I have, however, put a priority on continuing to read the Narnia series with Isaac (Bailey, makes it clear that she does NOT want to read it; maybe she will someday, though).  We are up to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (reading the series in story-chronological order; still ahead are The Silver Chair and The Last Battle).

I do have a (very) slight re-kindling of interest in things political.  Boy, I definitely burned out on that for the last 6 months, or so.  After getting wind of all the comments at the UN by Ahmadinej(ih)ad of Iran, and the lunatic Chavez from Venezuela, I sit and wonder how in the world this kind of nonsense goes on — in THIS country (!) — these days.  Too bad (pessimistically speaking) Chavez appears to me to be the new Castro.  He’ll probably be around causing trouble for the US for the next 40 years.  Ahmadinej(ih)ad is supposedly lobbying to have his religious counselor, a WAY-out Islamic radical, elected the new supreme religious leader of Iran.  Won’t that be a joy.  Election time is near, so I’ll let my voting speak for me then on who I think is capable of taking it to the terrorists and Islamo-fascists.

Anyway, I have at least awakened from my several-day blog slumber.  It’s good to stretch the writing muscles again.

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