An Unplanned Trip

We received news early last week that Kim’s grandmother had passed away.  For many years she was a prisoner in her body due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  This devastating disease affects so many people; I really hope that it can be cured or prevented someday.  Anyway, we went to the funeral on Thursday of last week.  It is amazing how everything can get put on hold in your life (without a tremendous amount of effort) for the really important things.  It was a disruption to the routine to be sure, but it was manageable. 

We decided to go ahead and take some vacation days since we would be in Tennessee.  The whole trip went very well.  We were able to enjoy being with our families despite the circumstances.  The previous weekend, my mom, her sister and her sister’s husband had just come down to Baton Rouge for the weekend.  So, the kids had plenty of time with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Joe, and this allowed us to easily ask them to babysit while we went to the funeral.  The kids got to spend time with a cousin, Abby, that they had never seen before.  Two other aunts came over and helped prepare food for a dinner for Kim’s family afterwards.  We really enjoy being with family.

It is during times like this that you really get a glimpse of what you are missing by being so far from family.  There are advantages and disadvantages to being near to family, but the positives surely seem to outweigh the negatives. 

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Unity, Part IV

This is my final post on this topic … for now.  I wanted to say a few things about what the early church actually looked like.  Was it a picture of unity?  NO.  Why not?  Because people were involved.  So, WHY would the Restoration Movement seek to “restore the early church”?  Or perhaps the question is, WHAT about the first century church did it seek to restore?  Loren’s sermon on Oct. 1 mentioned that the Restoration Movement, at least in the Church of Christ (CoC) apparently has tried to restore some kind of pattern for being a church.  (more…)

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Unity, Part III

The next thing I wanted to express a few things about is fellowship.  Exactly what does constitute fellowship?  What I mean is: Who is a Christian?  That is, who should be acknowledged by anyone in the Restoration Movement as so, without debate?  Now this is where things can get extremely controversial to a Church of Christ (CoC) member.   First off, I must say that there is a very clear line to be drawn in the sand about a few things. (more…)

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Unity, Part II

This unity movement that seems to be gathering some momentum is heartening to me.  I also remembered that there is yet another movement for unity that is occurring between the International Churches of Christ (formerly the Boston / Crossroads movement).  It seems that the Lord is concerned about unity more than ever in our increasingly secular and hostile culture.  It is about time that we began taking this seriously if the Christian faith in general is going to survive in our land.  All evangelical, conservative Christian groups are losing ground in America.  Postmodern America, which has NO concept of right and wrong, simply rejects the message of Christ, or rather rejects the Christians whose actions overwhelm their words.  In other words, the big problem with Christianity in America and with the restoration movement / Church of Christ is our hypocrisy.

For the years that I have spent in the Churches of Christ (CoC), I found that you spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with the “unwritten rulebook”.  That is, you’d better know the things that are ‘Silent’-ly revered in the CoC.  The comments from Loren’s sermon on Oct. 1. never were more true.  The restoration movement’s battle-cry has always been ‘Speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where the Bible is silent’.  (more…)

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Unity, Part I

Today is October 1. There was quite a significant sermon today at church.  Loren Scott preached the sermon.  He made a comment early on that, until today, of all the times that he had preached or taught in the congregation, that his most important sermon was the one following Sept. 11, 2001.  I agree.  It was one of the best sermons that I had ever heard.  (more…)

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At Long Last … Vacation!

Well, it has been a week now since we FINALLY took a real vacation.  We and some friends went to Gulf Shores for a 3 day retreat.  The kids, Kim, and I started over around lunchtime on Friday, Sept. 22 and returned Monday night.  It was glorious!  This was the first full day that I have taken off this year.  The project that I have been involved with at work had a moratorium on vacation from April to August.  It has been an oppressive summer to say the least. 


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