At Long Last … Vacation!

Well, it has been a week now since we FINALLY took a real vacation.  We and some friends went to Gulf Shores for a 3 day retreat.  The kids, Kim, and I started over around lunchtime on Friday, Sept. 22 and returned Monday night.  It was glorious!  This was the first full day that I have taken off this year.  The project that I have been involved with at work had a moratorium on vacation from April to August.  It has been an oppressive summer to say the least. 

Anyway, we were blessed to have free lodging.  Our friends had access to a family member’s condo.  We faced the bayside (water traffic passed under the Perdido Bay Bridge), so a lot of boat traffic (cheap entertainment for the kids!) was visible.  It was excellent to have a chance to relax, at least intermittently anyway.  I am usually wound tight about something, and vacation was no exception!  For the most part, though, I DID relax.  We had access to the beach via a LONG boardwalk and a VAST expanse of beach.  We also spent a lot of time in the indoor pool.

The kids really enjoyed the trip.  Isaac and Bailey loved the ocean (Daddy didn’t even manage to squelch all of their fun with ‘That’s too far!’, ‘Watch out!’, ‘Come to me!’, etc., ad nauseum).  Bailey was fearless.  She challenged waves that I would have NEVER guessed.  She will not usually budge off of the first step in the pool (she only allowed me one BRIEF journey with her away from the steps!), so I was extrapolating — and was quite wrong.  Isaac enjoyed the pool; he even briefly demonstrated that he could swim (the water was only 5 ft deep) without a floatie.  He sure is growing up.  Livy loved the pool — she was jumping in all the time!  She even learned to swim a bit (with the floatie-suit).  Livy did NOT care for the ocean; in fact, she didn’t really care for the beach this time.  Anna Grace liked the pool as well.

The first couple of days, the ocean was pretty violent. The red flag was out and the wind was brisk.  There were surfers out for the first two days, and they were riding some fairly signfiicant waves.  However, on Monday morning it was a different world; the ocean had calmed.  I felt like we were in Gulfport, MS, or something.  It was a nice change on the last day.  Isaac was quite a shell collector, especially on Monday.  He was a little discouraged from staying in the ocean after a jellyfish stung him (Kim, me, Isaac and Bailey all received a sting). 

The wives went out on Saturday for an outlet mall trip, while the husbands watched the kids and the Alabama – Arkansas game (pretty entertaining, I might add).  Sunday, the husbands made the trip.  I acquired a couple of books: The Bible as Literature and In the Beginning, There Was Information … The second book looks a little intriguing, as I may have a chance soon to resume a study with an atheist, Chinese student that ceased around two years ago.

It sure was a great trip — the aura hasn’t quite worn off yet!  Well, enough rambling.  Even though that IS my normal mode of operation, I guess I just needed a little ‘blog-ercise’ to give me a sharper focus to my comments on the sermon from Oct. 1. 

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