An Unplanned Trip

We received news early last week that Kim’s grandmother had passed away.  For many years she was a prisoner in her body due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  This devastating disease affects so many people; I really hope that it can be cured or prevented someday.  Anyway, we went to the funeral on Thursday of last week.  It is amazing how everything can get put on hold in your life (without a tremendous amount of effort) for the really important things.  It was a disruption to the routine to be sure, but it was manageable. 

We decided to go ahead and take some vacation days since we would be in Tennessee.  The whole trip went very well.  We were able to enjoy being with our families despite the circumstances.  The previous weekend, my mom, her sister and her sister’s husband had just come down to Baton Rouge for the weekend.  So, the kids had plenty of time with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Joe, and this allowed us to easily ask them to babysit while we went to the funeral.  The kids got to spend time with a cousin, Abby, that they had never seen before.  Two other aunts came over and helped prepare food for a dinner for Kim’s family afterwards.  We really enjoy being with family.

It is during times like this that you really get a glimpse of what you are missing by being so far from family.  There are advantages and disadvantages to being near to family, but the positives surely seem to outweigh the negatives. 

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