Unlocking The Mystery of Life’s Origin

Time for a short one … David Finch (minister to the Chinese at SBRCC, for those who don’t know) loaned me a DVD called Unlocking the Mystery of Life’s Origin  recently, and I finally got around to watching it.  Boy, was it ever worth it!!  During the movie, there is an animation sequence in which the manufacture (yes, that is the correct word!) of a protein inside a cell is shown.  This is exactly the kind of thing that really evokes worship from me.  I was astounded yet again at the wonder of God’s wisdom.  It is beyond comprehension what the thoughts of God are, that he would put together this kind of machinery (again, a correct word) at such a small scale.  I am simply amazed!

It turns out that IllustraMedia has other videos that they have made that I am planning to acquire (in addition to the above): The Privileged Planet (I saw this one on TV one day and it was fantastic), The Case for the Creator (by Lee Strobel — just bought the book), and Where Does the Evidence Lead? (haven’t heard of this one).  I will probably acquire all four.  What a great investment! 

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