My Election (and Other) Thoughts

I just finished watching an outstanding ESPN Thursday night college football game!  No. 15 Rutgers came back from a 25-7 deficit to no. 3 Louisville by scoring 21 straight points and shutting down the no. 2 ranked offense in the country.  This is the first ranked team that Rutgers has beaten since 1988.  They had never beaten a team in the top 15.  This was the first time that a ranked Rutgers team played a ranked opponent at home.  Rutgers was the doormat of college football, but now they are 9-0!  Their coach, Greg Schiano is fantastic.  I heard that their boosters are trying to put together a 22 million dollar, 10 year contract; I really hope they get to keep him — they deserve a winner who is worth it!

Too bad this wasn’t the case on Tuesday.  I personally believe that the vote was more of a protest against the Bush Administration (never tell me people don’t vote about ONE issue!!) than a vote FOR the Democrats.  The so-called “moderate” or “conservative” Democrats (if indeed there is such a thing, and if so, what exactly DO they believe?!) were fielded in order to provide a chance to turn a “Red” region “Blue”.  I’m skeptical of the DNC’s strategy, thanks.  The problem is that most of the people who are protest-voting, or who innocently believe that Joe Democrat in the local race will honestly do a better job than Jane Republican, have no idea what the leadership of the Democratic Party is like.  The fact is that the leadership is as far (or farther) to the left of center, than the 1994 Republican leadership was to the right of center. 

The FAR-left leadership, of which Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Alcee Hastings, John Conyers, John Murtha, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Dianne Feinstein are some of the major players, is completely opposed to the beliefs and values of most middle-American people.  Keeping in mind that no political party can be equated with a given religion, the Democrats have shown that they embrace the opposite viewpoint of the traditional Christian worldview on a few social social issues like abortion and homosexual issues (which are really a by-product of the Party’s support for unrestrained sexual freedom), and medical issues like embryonic stem cell research.  It is even somehat ironic that the homosexual marriage bans passed in at least 7 of 8 states, as well as other traditionally “conservative” initiatives, yet the Dems took the national vote.  The leadership’s rhetoric towards the President and our military in Iraq makes Usama and Al-Qaeda look like a big contributor to the Party (Are they aiding the enemy overseas by their words?).  The bottom line is that many of the leadership’s views on social matters are hallmarks of the dark reality: these Democrats are no friends to the evangelical Christian. 

Yes, the Republicans probably deserve to be kicked out (at least some of them), but not replaced with these destroyers.   My cynical way of saying it is that we get what we deserve (especially since people are brain-washed by outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC, or are simply ignorant of the leadership that they voted for implicitly).  My (cynical) opinion is that round two will happen in 2008.  Oh well, just call me Puddleglum — that would be a compliment.

Enough venting — in fact, I have actually been fairly mellow for the past two days.  I guess you wouldn’t know it from the rant above.  The last two things I have to say on this election is that: 1. I’m glad it’s finally over, and 2. it’s a good thing I don’t place my hope in politics to save us, or Tuesday would have been a pretty bad day indeed.

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