Thanksgiving Visit

Thanksgiving was a bit different for us this year.  Due to the unplanned trip we made in October, we spent our first Thanksgiving here instead of visiting family in Tennessee.  The good news was that Kim’s parents came down to see us.  It was great to be with family.  The kids love seeing Nanna and GrandBob (a name that has stuck!)!  Of note during the visit: Kim’s dad and I worked on the fence (a never ending project, I might add), Kim and her mom spent Black Friday out with the shoppers, and Bob and I spent time in front of the tube checking out the college football games, all of which were very entertaining.  We capped Friday night with pizza from Domino’s. Of course there was that turkey on Thursday too … 

 We got an early Christmas present that Kim asked for (sort of a family gift): Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie.  Now I never watched this show as a kid (except for the beginning and ending music).  However, I have enjoyed it a lot.  Bailey is hooked.  I think Laura Ingalls being at the center of the story is captivating to her.  Also, we watched a Nicholas Cage / Tea Leoni movie, The Family Guy.  This was an interesting show that is sort of the inverse of It’s a Wonderful Life (my favorite movie of all time!).  TFG was a terrific reminder that the best things in life are not things … So, other Livy’s brief sickness on Friday afternoon, the whole weekend was a terrific visit!

Lastly, a Narnia update:  Isaac and I finished chapter 14 of The Last Battle.  Two more to go; it’s kind of sad to be winding it up.  But, it is also a good reminder that this world is not our permanent home … we believers in the Lord have another one waiting for us.  And, as in the story, it will surely be far more glorious than the best moments in this one!!

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