Vacation … Finally!

It felt like the year would never end, yet here it is, as usual.  To borrow a phrase from a friend, the only reason this year was OK was that last year was SO bad (or at least the hurricanes and house buying pieces!). One of the reasons that it seemed so long this year was the constant interruption of vacation plans.  Even this upcoming vacation had a change on the back end!  (It is amazing how control over when you can come and go can lift — or depress — the spirits.  Anyhow, all that is in the past: vacation is here! 

Due to the moratorium on vacations at work from April to August due to a big project, most of my vacation time was pushed to the end of September and later.  Now, I will not be at work through next year.  A couple of goals I have for the time off is that I want to recover some energy and to acquire a better attitude about lots of stuff.  The situation will be a little different next year than before.  With work picking up even more and very few backfills available for now, scheduling may prove to be a challenge.  That’s OK, though; there is at least the prospect of more normalcy.  I feel better about the whole thing already 🙂 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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