Back from Vacation

We made our usual trip to TN for Christmas.  It is always good to visit with friends and family from back home.  Kim’s parents accommodate us at the beginning and end of the visit, with a trip to my mom’s in-between.  This year’s trip was no less exciting than normal with it being Anna Grace’s first Christmas.  As you might expect, she enjoyed playing with everyone else’s presents as much as her own!  Anna and I had a brief “fever virus”, but that was the only notable sickness we experienced — praise the Lord!  Last year Olivia developed an ear infection that led to her first febrile convulsion; it is pretty jarring to see a child shake like that.  We were thankful that this was the diagnosis (it could have been much worse), and that Livy was OK afterward. 

We  got to see several of my mom’s family at the now-becoming-a-tradition breakfast at her house each year after Christmas.  There were a total of 28 family members (us included!) at the breakfast.  It is always quite lively to say the least.  By the way, I love white gravy and I got to try three different kinds (2 were available at the breakfast) while at mom’s.  Mmmm … gravy (you may hear Homer Simpson’s voice in the background).  The kids were a bit overwhelmed at the 8 other cousins there (Bailey hid when picture time came).  Of course, Olivia was quite at home in the middle of everyone and everything. 

All in all, a good trip to see family.  And, as usual, it was good to get home again! 

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