A Welcome Visit from a Friend

This past weekend we were visited by a friend, who was one of my college roommates at UT.  Rob and I have remained friends since then, and this makes the 2nd visit that he has made to LA.  The whole visit was really enjoyable.  We didn’t try to do much of anything fancy; just spend quality time as a family with Rob.  Our big adventure for the weekend was to drive over the I-10 “New” bridge to Plaquemine to ride the ferry; we took a short detour to see where one of Kim’s new homeschool-mom-friends lives in Plaquemine.  Interesting that this made Rob’s first trip on a ferry over a body of water.  The kids always love it.  Bailey was particularly fascinated with looking out this time.  I, of course, am always majorly paranoid over the kids during such a trip — but it was enjoyable anyway. 

I don’t know what it is about a visitor, but it really changes the dynamics of day-to-day life.  (more…)

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A Christian Man … and a Coach

(Note: for a MUCH more concise article that expresses my views, please see Kim’s Blog!) I haven’t cared much about the National Football League (NFL) the past few years.  However, I always kept at least a distant glance on the Indianapolis Colts.  Peyton Manning, who was a quarterback for the University of Tennessee for 4 years, is their quarterback.  I suppose that this has made its way into the culture so much that no explanation like that is necessary.  Anyhow, I began keeping up with NFL a lot more last year when I got into fantasy league football. 

Now, of the NFL teams, the Colts are my favorite.  The Tennessee Titans came to Memphis around ’96 and moved to Nashville in ’98 (if memory serves).  However, I’ve never been much of a fan.  When Manning went to the Colts, I picked them to follow.  That was a LONG intro for what I really want to talk about:  Tony Dungy.  (more…)

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