A Welcome Visit from a Friend

This past weekend we were visited by a friend, who was one of my college roommates at UT.  Rob and I have remained friends since then, and this makes the 2nd visit that he has made to LA.  The whole visit was really enjoyable.  We didn’t try to do much of anything fancy; just spend quality time as a family with Rob.  Our big adventure for the weekend was to drive over the I-10 “New” bridge to Plaquemine to ride the ferry; we took a short detour to see where one of Kim’s new homeschool-mom-friends lives in Plaquemine.  Interesting that this made Rob’s first trip on a ferry over a body of water.  The kids always love it.  Bailey was particularly fascinated with looking out this time.  I, of course, am always majorly paranoid over the kids during such a trip — but it was enjoyable anyway. 

I don’t know what it is about a visitor, but it really changes the dynamics of day-to-day life.  The kids are always watching — and vying for attention — from whomever it may be.  Rob is good with children, so the kids were thrilled (sometimes Daddy can be a stick in mud; I know anybody reading is surprised — NOT!).  Rob arrived on Friday evening and left Monday morning.  In between, we ate at two (!) restaurants — a BIG weekend; we visited Brunet’s on Saturday and Izzo’s on Sunday; we decided to leave them a good bit of dough in exchange for their tasty wares. 

On Sunday night, Rob and I went out to catch a movie.  I (somewhat) went out on a limb and caught a movie adaptation of a comic which I never followed as a kid: Ghost Rider.  I was a bit reticent to go, as the subject matter is a bit uncomfortable to me; however, I decided to go at the last minute.  And, although I don’t plan to watch it again, it was an interesting story with plenty of special effects (what I was most interested in anyway).  I would grade the show (and acting) as average, but with a few humorous moments that were pulled off well.  The effects were impressive (how many times do you get to see a guy whose head is a flaming skull???!?), and I got to see previews of two upcoming comic movies (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Spiderman 3) that I definitely DO plan to see!  S3 looks like it will be VERY impressive:  it comes out May 4th!

So, we ended a good visit with Rob.  Take care my friend, God Bless, and please feel free to visit anytime!

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