Data Crystal

A show I really enjoy watching is the sci-fi series Babylon 5.  It originally aired between 1993 and 1998 (not counting the short-lived sequel, Crusade, and a handful of made for TV movies).  I now have to (sigh) resort to watching it on the DVD sets that I have collected when I get the urge.  One story device that made a fairly frequent appearance was the “data crystal”. It always seemed like there was a massive amount of information that needed to be preserved (and transferred to somewhere by hand, no less), so a “data crystal” was always used for this purpose.  Our present-day “data crystals”, CD-ROMs and DVDs, serve a similar purpose.  This post is simply to convey my amazement at how much information can be stored on these things.

I recently acquired The Essential IVP (InterVarsity Press) Reference Collection, a CD with 13 large and 4 small reference books by IVP on it.  This is quite astonishing, if you think about it — the package mentions that there are over 10 million words (!) of “quality content” on the CD; this also translates to “over 12,000 pages of printed material in one convenient package”!  Wow.  Furthermore, as you would expect, there are terrific search features that essentially weave all the books into one giant reference book.  And, there are many features that I have not begun to explore, but I have seen enough to marvel at it.  (Kim surely smiles when she thinks that I got this CD instead of more copious quantities of paper to store somewhere in our house!)  The neat thing is that I was interested in buying several of these books in paper form, before I came across the CD.   Which reminds me of yet another benefit to the CD: so many books for so little (relatively speaking) $$ !!  Four of the IVP academic dictionaries that I considered buying cost as much as this 17 volume set! 

I really look forward to utilizing this great tool (along with my QuickVerse version 6 (ca. 1999!)) in order to understand God’s Word better.  What a great invention the CD is!

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A Little Astronomy … and other stuff

After the usual bedtime routine, I had to walk outside to roll the trash containers toward the street.  I looked up to see the constellation Orion and its famous Orion’s belt (three stars in a “row” — at least from our point of view).  Anyhow, I decided: I need to bring Isaac out to see this.  So I went in the front door and called up to him to get him to come down.  I was going outside and told him to come — shoes or not; he said that he would get his shoes, so I went out (Kim later told me that, during this shoe-getting time, that he said, “This is unusual … very strange.”  🙂  — this is very true: it was very strange of me to finish the bedtime routine yet call him out of his room!).

So, we looked up and found Orion.  Then I remembered that I bought an astronomy kit from McKay’s Used Book Store in Knoxville, so we went in to consult the constellation map book.  (more…)

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Life Group Changes (Christian History 101?)

This past Sunday we had a somewhat uneventful Life Group meeting.  No sparks flew.  No hard feelings were expressed.  In general it was a very smooth flowing, relatively uninterrupted (by children, that is) discussion among most of the core group.  Now that we had a somewhat uneventful group is not unusual; what was great about this meeting is that a few incremental changes were decided on that could really kick off a new era for our group.

 The biggest change is that, once a month, the men will take charge of the kids so that the women can have their own prayer fellowship / study time / accountability time.  (more…)

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