Life Group Changes (Christian History 101?)

This past Sunday we had a somewhat uneventful Life Group meeting.  No sparks flew.  No hard feelings were expressed.  In general it was a very smooth flowing, relatively uninterrupted (by children, that is) discussion among most of the core group.  Now that we had a somewhat uneventful group is not unusual; what was great about this meeting is that a few incremental changes were decided on that could really kick off a new era for our group.

 The biggest change is that, once a month, the men will take charge of the kids so that the women can have their own prayer fellowship / study time / accountability time.  Kim and friends are the stewards of a Mommy & Me group that meets every other week (or more frequently) where they can have a (limited) time of discussion with friends — and allow the kids to express their energy.  However, a big drawback to this situation is that the moms basically cannot have any deep spiritual reflection time.  Hopefully the change in our Life group will open a door that is currently shut.

The history of early Christianity, if investigated, will show a prominent percentage of women present and active in the church’s growth (The split was roughly 60% women, and 40% men according to Under the Influence: How Christianity Transformed Civilization — a.k.a How Christianity Changed the World — by Alvin J. Schmidt).  Skipping forward to now (although MUCH more could be said about women in early Christianity — I’ll leave it to the book): one thing that has been deeply impressed on me since being here in Louisiana and being a member at the South Baton Rouge Church of Christ is that women are the behind-the-scenes glue that keeps people connected.  God has prepared roles for each different part of the universal — and local — church; e.g., elders, deacons, teachers, Life group leaders, etc.  But, I believe that the women have a special place as a general grouping that “wires” everyone together.  I am always amazed at the number of contacts that Kim and her friends make when living their lives each day.  So, in my opinion, it’s long overdue to allow the women of our group to grow our Life group in ways that we surely don’t expect. 

I kind of half-heartedly joked that if our group starts to grow especially large on “women’s nights” that we might give up 2 nights (or 3 or 4!).  To this Tanya replied:  I’m going to invite ALL my friends!  So I reply to that: So be it!  Amen, in other words!  We will certainly see what God has in store for us — after this relatively “uneventful” Life group!

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