A Little Astronomy … and other stuff

After the usual bedtime routine, I had to walk outside to roll the trash containers toward the street.  I looked up to see the constellation Orion and its famous Orion’s belt (three stars in a “row” — at least from our point of view).  Anyhow, I decided: I need to bring Isaac out to see this.  So I went in the front door and called up to him to get him to come down.  I was going outside and told him to come — shoes or not; he said that he would get his shoes, so I went out (Kim later told me that, during this shoe-getting time, that he said, “This is unusual … very strange.”  🙂  — this is very true: it was very strange of me to finish the bedtime routine yet call him out of his room!).

So, we looked up and found Orion.  Then I remembered that I bought an astronomy kit from McKay’s Used Book Store in Knoxville, so we went in to consult the constellation map book.  Isaac later noticed a nifty star “map” of constellations visible in roughly our latitude — did I mention that it is really neat?!  We explored this for a while and went back out.  We unfortunately did not get to see Draco the dragon; either we were looking in the wrong direction, or there was way too much light pollution to see.  Oh well, we did identify the bright evening “star”, Venus, in the west and talked about a star in the Orion constellation, Betelguese — a red supergiant (you can see an orangish tint even with the naked eye).  We also learned from a companion book that Sirius (in the “nearby” Canis Major) is the brightest star visible in the night sky.  So, the homeschool curriculum has picked up something new — not to mention a little quality time with Isaac and his dad!!

Other items of note:

The foyer was painted by paid help!  This was a great decision; we could not be happier with the results.  Also, Kim is a painting machine!  While I was busy “studying” the NCAA tournament on Saturday from my easy chair, she started and finished painting the upstairs hallway.

Tonight was the first ladies only meeting mentioned in my last post.  We had our largest attendance in months — 20 people (kids included) in all!  Next week we’ll be doing our potluck dinner, so inviting new folks is a priority.

Go Vols!  The men’s team is in the quarterfinal (“Sweet 16”) round of the NCAA tournament for only the 3rd time in school history.  I’m pretty excited at the team’s current success and potential for the future, if the head coach, Bruce Pearl, isn’t lured away to greener pastures.  Hopefully he’ll stay a few years; he is a very impressive program guy.  I cannot remember having this much excitement over men’s basketball in years!  And I was a Tennessee men’s basketball fan before picking up football; since I played basketball in high school, I relate much better to that sport anyway.

Well, that’s about it for this post.  With a trip to Corky’s BBQ restaurant this afternoon, it’s been a good weekend overall.

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