Homeschoolers Beware … Democracies in the West

Well, the world has finally turned on its head.  I’ve been loosely following a story of a homeschooling family in Germany on WorldNetDaily.  The latest story (see the unfolding story using links at the bottom of the article) shows that Germany is returning to its post WWI, pre WWII roots:  the destruction of unwanted minority groups in their country.  How sad that this should happen in the “progressive” West.  And, oh by the way, since when have individual Christian families been a threat to anyone?  Hopefully Germany will come to its senses.  Or, perhaps the well behaved Christian homeschooling families (in this case, who also want to be good German citizens) will be the baby thrown out with the bathwater of reigning in separating Muslim subcultures in Germany and other western European countries.

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A (Very) Short Post

While I hope to get back into more reflective (and timely!) blogging soon, this will be a very short post.

 We really enjoyed having my Mom and Uncle Jim down this past weekend.  The kids love it whenever we have visitors.  Uncle Jim and Mom showered them with attention.  Kim’s post has more on this. 

And, being a faithful Tennessee fan I wanted to say:  Go Lady Vols!!  I really didn’t think that Pat Summitt would guide any more UT women’s teams to a National Championship, but I’m glad to say that I was wrong!  Although I didn’t follow the team extensively through the season, I have been a fan for quite some time.  I attended a handful of games while in grad school at UT.  Probably my most memorable game in ’98 was when UT was down 41-18 to Illinois and came back to win in thrilling fashion!  Women’s basketball has come a long way.  Some look down on it and sneer, but I think it’s great!!  Again I say: Go Lady Vols!!!

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