The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

This weekend (it is ~1:48 pm on Sunday afternoon now) can be summed up as the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  Friday was the good: Livy’s birthday party went well.  Lots of friends (for her and us), lots of presents, cake, taco soup, and hot dogs.  Then I went with a good friend to see Spiderman 3.  S3, in my opinion, was quite different that the previous two.  I believe the movie people pulled it off, though; all in all a fairly explicit Christian message emerged as the overall theme and reinforced at the finale.  The special effects were dazzling, it had several funny moments (some perhaps over the top), but, overall, I give it a thumbs up.  I may see it again — haven’t fully decided that yet, though. The evening ended quite late.  In fact, it was the third night in a row that I went to bed after 11:30 (this time it was 1:15 am!); I had previously gotten up Thursday and Friday morning at about 5:30 am.  Although Kim went yard sailing (her near favorite hobby), I was still able to sleep until about 7:00 am!

Then, the (relatively) bad: Isaac’s coach’s pitch game was OK, but I was a little uptight.  Still, not too bad.  Then, in the afternoon, we went for a Mother’s Day dinner at Olive Garden.  Well, we didn’t know at the start of the wait that it really was NOT the Mother’s Day dinner, but we soon figured it out.  Promised a 30-40 minute wait at 4:53 pm (!!), at about minute 45, I asked for an update.  It turned out that, since we asked for a high chair for AG, they could not liberally find a table and setup the high chair due to fire marshall edicts.  So, we were finally seated after minute ~50 -55 with fussy children (& parents) with me holding AG.  Then, after the salad arrived, Bailey began complaining about her stomach.  Bad scenario.  So, we decided to leave.  Kim and the girls proceeded to the van.  The waitress then informs me that my pizza had to be recooked, so they were cooking another, and it would be on the house.  Great!  I saw her drop another container in the bag (I didn’t check it, though; key point here).  I paid the bill, got the stuff, and left.  On the way home, I remarked to Kim (in somewhat Puddleglum-ish fashion) that it was great that my pizza was on the house — in case they forgot something.  So, we arrived at home and got set up to eat.  And they — or rather I — forgot something:  my pizza!  All in all, probably the all time worst dining out experience ever (even surpassing Lone Star on O’Neal with Isaac & Kim!).  At the end of the evening, I was not the good daddy when Kim (by herself) cleaned the downstairs carpet with a borrowed steam cleaner (thank you CC for letting us borrow it; it was MY problem that I was a fussy head at evening’s end!!).

Now the beautiful:  A new day: Mother’s Day!  I’m up with AG and Liv, when Kim comes down.  She wants her present.  After a memorable card signed by all the children (AG needed a little help, but Livy’s “Ol” was a beautiful sight to Kim!), a gift certificate to a local spa was welcomed.  I prepared Kim’s breakfast (though not in bed). I proceeded to vacuum the carpet (the last cleaning step) in hopes to make amends for yesterday.  Then to church after a stop by Starbuck’s to treat Kim to her favorite beverage: A double chocolate frappacino.  Church was hectic: I helped with Kid’s Praise for week two in a row but it was OK.  Forget the Mother’s Day traffic, Wal-mart pizza, chicken tenders, potato wedges, and Kim’s individually wrapped dinner did fine (Mother’s Day will STILL be celebrated out to eat — we just don’t know when).  Now, it is nap time, but mowing the grass may still be ahead; we’ll see.

All in all, it was (is) a story of the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

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