A Good Trip

Well, we all returned from the visit with family in Tennessee on Sunday night.  It was a good trip.  We went to a family reunion-cookout (haven’t had one of those in years — it was great!), visited a special aunt and cousin’s house, had dinner at another group of cousins’ home, and saw some old friends on the way back.  We stayed with my mom and Kim’s parents.  And, Kim and I got a day and night away (to a nearby Knoxville hotel to stay) courtesy of Kim’s parents.  It was a good time. 

The only mishap was that, during the visit to eat dinner with and to play with the group of cousins, Isaac fell and broke his left arm.  He had been in two swimming pools earlier that day and was playing on the cousins’ play structure when they began trying out the “zip” line.  It was tied off to a tree about 50-60 feet away.  We were so proud of Isaac — he tried it and did well at it for four straight times.  On the fifth try, his fatigued muscles gave out and he fell.  We felt blessed that he had a chance to do it the first few times, and “be a little boy” before the fall.  Sometimes, this just happens though. 

We took him to the ER to get it checked out and, upon a family friend’s recommendation, got him in (with the Lord’s blessing!) to see an excellent pediatric orthopedic doctor in Knoxville.  So, Kim’s plans for a swimming-centered summer took a 3-6 week hit; but things could have been way worse: we’re counting our blessings.  Later on Isaac will surely take some lessons from this that will hopefully help him in the future.  We’re proud of him for being brave, but sad with him too.  We love you Isaac!

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