Talk About a Strange Interest for me … Evolution

My posting is at an all time low at the moment … almost 3 weeks since I posted on July 10!  Anyhow, a strange leftover from our vacation to TN involves my determination to understand both sides of a debate that I have already chosen sides on:  Biological Evolution.  With that said, I have some background info. first: I have always been a believer in some form of creationism.  From as long as I can remember (and had any thoughts on this!) until college age, I was what would be called a young earth creationist.  That is, I believed several tenets of a system basically laid out by Whitcomb and Morris in a book called The Genesis Flood.  It is probably the classic text that describes the young earth view of the Genesis account.  A few of the beliefs are that the world (& universe) is relatively young (between 50,000 and 10,000 years old), that there was no death of any kind before the Fall, that there was a canopy of moisture rather than rain before the Flood, and that the Flood was planet-wide in scope and destroyed all life on all land on earth except those people and animals on Noah’s ark.  Now I don’t know when I really began to change my mind on this, but, as I mentioned earlier, it was sometime in college. 

At this moment, I might be described as an old earth creationist.  I still do not buy the large-scale, macroevolutionary tale yet (i.e., non-life somehow produced single celled life which proceeded up the chain until we somehow appeared).  I do believe that the world has the marks of great age.  I also do not find that this conflicts with a literal reading of Genesis 1.  Without being too technical, essentially the word used for “day” in the evening and morning pronouncements, is a Hebrew word that can mean ‘indefinite time period’.  So anyhow, I do not find any problems with this, nor do I think that either young or old earth beliefs have anything to do with whether someone is a Christian or not.

I have found that I just find the evolution tale something of a “just-so” story.  Everything just kind of happens when you mix time plus chance.  The only genetic driver of this change is a mutation every so often, and these are almost always detrimental to a life-form’s ability to survive (i.e., they are most often lethal in nature).  On this genetic variation, the only idea that Charles Darwin had in his original thesis to stand the test of time is that natural selection (as opposed to artificial selection by humans on plants and animals — selective breeding) works on the materials that it is given to produce a change.  In other words, nature justs “allows” certain things to survive, if their traits give them the best chance to survive.  So really, I have found that you can just insert a phrase like “it just happened” for “it evolved”, and nothing changes in the information communicated.

I have more to say on this, as well as why I am interested in looking into more detail about the subject of Biological Evolution.  However, since it is the end of the day, it will have to wait until another post.

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