Using the Telescope

Isaac (and sometimes Bailey and Livy) and I have been getting acquainted with the various constellations.  We have read that there are 88 that can be seen (with the naked eye only — these things have a LONG history when there were no telescopes!).  It has been great to do this!  I always wanted to know the constellations as a kid, and I was somewhat interested — but not enough to put any effort into studying books and going out and learning!!  Anyhow, with Isaac getting homeschooled, I saw a great opportunity to study them with him.


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Some Interesting Sci-Fi

A friend recommended a couple of Star Wars DVDs that I had not previously heard of.  He mentioned that they were well done and filled in some gaps in the Star Wars saga.  I remembered this and recently rented both Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 1, and Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 2.  They were as good as advertised!  The kids and I really enjoyed both of them.  They have been “blessed” by George Lucas as “canon” in the story.  They are both set between Episodes II & III.  (more…)

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Reading ‘The Hobbit’ for the first time

Well, I read the seven book Chronicles of Narnia set to Isaac sometime ago.  I really enjoyed that, as I had never previously read six of the seven books.  I had read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, several years ago but did not enjoy it nearly as much as when I read with Isaac (and sometimes Bailey, too!).  So, the literature adventure continues, as I decided to read The Hobbit with Isaac.  (more…)

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Ever Try Reading … The Apocrypha?

The Apocrypha is a word that means ‘hidden’.  Although not particularly accurate in this case, this is what several books are referred to that were written in the time between the Old Testament and New Testament eras (although one or two were likely written during or even after the NT was completed); it can also be referred to as the ‘OT Apocrypha’.  There are 18 total books in the Apocrypha (as referred to by Protestants).  They are: 1, 2, 3, and 4 Maccabees, 1 and 2 Esdras, Tobit, Judith, Letter of Jeremiah, Baruch, Additions to Esther (Greek), Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Jews (in Daniel ch. 3), Susanna & Bel and the Dragon (chapters 13 & 14 of Daniel, respectively), Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom of Ben-Sirach (a.k.a. Ecclesiasticus), Prayer of Manasseh, and Psalms 151.  

I had heard of the Apocrypha for most of my life (my dad told me about it when I was little; I only knew just a little of it then).  I had never read it until this past year; I recently finished, so I decided to post some about it.  It took a while to finish reading, as I tended to stray away and back again over the year; it is actually about the same length as the NT, so it is not very long, relatively speaking.  I decided to read it in the Good News Translation with Deutercanonicals / Apocrypha from the American Bible Society; this is a modern language version that I especially like.  It is extremely straightforward and easy to read.  For the meticulous student, however, there are other translations that might be more appealing (I will mention some that I know of later in this post). 


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Finishing Up the Strange Interest … For Now

I think that I finally just had enough of the creation-evolution debate; this is my reason for looking into it even more!  I like to browse the books on a lot.  This debate has been an interest of mine for sometime, so I look at several books related to this subject.  What gets very wearisome is looking through the comments on the books.  It is generally pretty easy to find excellent reviews by which you can “size up” a book: I appreciate thoughtful readers and their comments a lot.  What is majorly annoying is the condescending and arrogant ones — sadly, usually on both sides.  So, I decided to investigate “the other side” for myself. (more…)

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