Finishing Up the Strange Interest … For Now

I think that I finally just had enough of the creation-evolution debate; this is my reason for looking into it even more!  I like to browse the books on a lot.  This debate has been an interest of mine for sometime, so I look at several books related to this subject.  What gets very wearisome is looking through the comments on the books.  It is generally pretty easy to find excellent reviews by which you can “size up” a book: I appreciate thoughtful readers and their comments a lot.  What is majorly annoying is the condescending and arrogant ones — sadly, usually on both sides.  So, I decided to investigate “the other side” for myself.

On our trip to TN, Kim and I usually go to a great used bookstore that we like, a Christian store, and a book reseller.  Between these three (and another used bookstore that we found on this trip), the selection is pretty good and fairly cheap.  I already had two books on the evolution side that I, of course, have never read:  Biological Evolution, a college level text by Dr. Peter Price of Northern Arizona University, and the one that started it all (sort of …), The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin.  I am now reading through the textbook, and I am on chapter 7, with pen and straight edge in hand, in a semi-dogged attempt to figure out WHAT is being said.  In this way, I can at least get of view from the other side in order to help me size up what I think about the whole issue: I am an inquiring mind!

To these two, I have added a few more:  What Evolution Is, a popular level book by Ernst Mayr (a world renowned evolutionary biologist, who wrote it at the age of 97!; deceased at age 100); interestingly, in the preface he mentions that a good reason to read this book for those creationists who will never agree is to understand the arguments of the evolutionist.  Makes me think of Proverbs 18:17, one of my favorite Proverbs.  Next is Evolution, a reader edited by Mark Ridley.  This book gives some noteworthy original sources (no editing for a lay audience) in the development of this field of study.  I got a newer textbook, Evolutionary Analysis, which had more up to date examples and approached the subject from a different angle than Price’s book; I got the 2nd edition from 2001.  I wanted another perspective, so I got The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, the magnum opus of a famous paleontologist in the field, Stephen J. Gould (deceased).  This one will be the most drawn out (translation: hopefully I will read it someday), as it is 1464 pages!! I know: I’m dreaming (or having a nightmare of some kind!). 

Following this onslaught of books to explore, I have ordered two more: Evolution: The History of an Idea, which gives a broad look from a historian’s point of view, and God and Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding, which explores the theological angle; i.e., is evolution compatible with belief in God and in the Bible as His revealed Word.  There are tons of others (I have a wish list that includes some evolution and creation resources — along with selected Three Stooges DVDs too, of course!!), but I wanted these to start to get a more educated view of what is involved in all the punch-counterpunch that occurs in this debate.  Plus, I am sick of the biased media distorting (and championing, I might add) the evolution side of things (the best thing since Mom’s apple pie and even better besides) and the creation side (bad — from people that want to blow up buildings, etc.). 

My goal is to be a person that has a calm-headed view of most any subject by keeping the facts in mind.  I am weary (in my life) of being contentious, and sadly, religious-oriented subjects tend to bring out the worst attitude in me.  I want to diffuse this now, and this is as good a hot-button subject to start with as any.

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