Some Interesting Sci-Fi

A friend recommended a couple of Star Wars DVDs that I had not previously heard of.  He mentioned that they were well done and filled in some gaps in the Star Wars saga.  I remembered this and recently rented both Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 1, and Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 2.  They were as good as advertised!  The kids and I really enjoyed both of them.  They have been “blessed” by George Lucas as “canon” in the story.  They are both set between Episodes II & III.  Both volumes aired on the Cartoon Network as 20 ~3 minute long shorts in what becomes Vol. 1, and in 5 ~12 minute long shorts in what became Vol. 2.  They have a semi- Anime feel to them that is not annoying; I kind of like it.  In Vol. 1 General Grievous is introduced as a menacing character at the end.  Some of my favorite segments were one in which there is a “special forces” clone trooper detachment that does some dramatic behind the scenes work, an underwater Jedi / Clone Trooper battle, an interesting segment with Mace Windu and a new devastating weapon of the trade federation, and the intro of Grievous.  All of the segments are well done.  Vol. 2 picks up from there with a terrific opening sequence that concludes the cliffhanger in ep 20 of Vol. 1.  Several other very good storylines are explored that nicely develop characters and lead to Episode III.  One other observation I have is that the writers incorporated several of the characters (obscure or not) into the stories.  As an example, Isaac asked my to rewatch a certain creature fight sequence in which he thought he saw a Wampa; in review, I believe he was right!  There are a lot of other neat things like that buried along the way: very enjoyable.  Overall I give the DVDs a “two-thumbs up”, A+, etc.

I also watched my new Babylon 5 DVD today.  New Babylon 5 content has been hard to come by; it has been over 6 years since the last new thing.  The two stories on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales are pretty good.  At least I thought so.  There is always a twist when JMS is writing; these stories contain more of the same.  All in all, it was nice to see some of the characters again.  The memorials to Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs were good; they were a series of interviews with the two of the cast and JMS; it is good that this was included.

I feel pretty satisfied with the storytelling on these DVDs.  I recommend them to anyone who has an interest in Star Wars or Babylon 5.

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