TiVo — A Good Thing or a Bad Thing? And, Some Content Comments

I having been enjoying the new TiVo — Thanks Kim!!  It has been great to set what I will watch on TV, and more importantly, when.  I have also been thinking some about TiVo’s place in the world.  I have already started becoming a packrat with shows; fortunately, there is only so much disk space available.  There is always network transfer to the PC and then DVD burning, though. (more…)

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Happy Holidays

As usual, we did a bit of traveling for the Christmas holiday.  It was a bit different this year, as I have no vacation yet.  So, we took advantage of my one personal day and a 9/80 Friday off.  Since I had to work on Thursday the 27th, it made for a hectic travel week.  (more…)

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