Happy Holidays

As usual, we did a bit of traveling for the Christmas holiday.  It was a bit different this year, as I have no vacation yet.  So, we took advantage of my one personal day and a 9/80 Friday off.  Since I had to work on Thursday the 27th, it made for a hectic travel week.  We left for Kim’s folks’ place on Saturday the 22nd.  After celebrating Christmas Eve and opening gifts, on Christmas morning we headed to Mom’s house.  The whole family stayed one night, and on Wednesday, Kim, Olivia, Anna Grace, and me left.  Isaac and Bailey stayed with Mamaw and had a blast!  Mom carted them all over; Olivia is already begging for her turn:  Not until she’s four!  That’s an official rite of passage! I came back here while Kim and the “littles” stayed in Knoxville.  I got up early on the 28th and drove back.  Then, we left after church on Sunday to come back.  It was a good trip but we were all glad to be home! 

This New Year’s Eve, we celebrated with a special dinner:  Pizza Rolls, BBQ, onion rings, curly fries, and chocolate ice cream!!  It was great!  Then, we let the kids stay up as long as they wanted:  AG was down around 9 pm, Olivia fell asleep at 11:00, Bailey at 11:30, and Isaac at 12:01, Jan 1, 2008!!  He made it!  Anyhow we spent the evening watching The Empire Strikes Back for the seemingly 9 millionth time — the kids picked it, and I was fine with that!

Of course, New Year’s Day means college football bowl games!  I had made some time to watch a few.  And, UT even had a rare New Year’s Day bowl that they happened to win!  Heart stopping, as usual!  And, at the same time, I’m kind of glad college football season is over.  Too much wasted time!!  Maybe I’ll do a little more reading and spend more time with the family on the coming Saturdays.  🙂

With some much appreciated help from Jimmy C., I even got back into the router business (i.e., multiple computers surfing the net at the same time!), and hooked up our Media Center PC!  I am watching the close of the VA Tech – Kansas game as I’m writing this post!!  Thanks Jimmy!

May God Bless His people in this New Year, and may His Kingdom expand!  May we be used in His service, and renew our commitment to Him and our spouses and families in this new year!

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