We have a Wii!

Kim and I had planned to invest part of the tax return into a Wii this year.  She was finally able to get one by showing up on a Wed. morning at the Target on the west side of Huntsville.  There were four left.  Kim later met with a friend, who was also looking for one, and told here about it.  Her friend went back to the store and picked up the last one!!  Amazing how these things fly off the shelves.  What a franchise by Nintendo!

So after it was finally unboxed (had to be delayed a day) and setup, we embarked on the Wii experience.  Isaac had a little prior experience from the two visits to the Braud’s (the second was with Mary Ellen, Chloe, and Grant on their recent visit here; it was great to have them for a few days!).  We started with bowling.  Isaac won the first three games until his first defeat.  Then the girls (Bay & Liv) gave it a try; similar to Isaac’s first time, it was hardly a success, but it definitely peaked their interest.  Kim went ahead and got a second controller & nunchuck; a game came with the second controller, so that gave us a grand total of two games.

Then, yesterday, with only about $55 left in the Wii budget from tax time, we bought our first “real” game: Super Mario Galaxy.  Having some familiarity with this franchise (seems to be one of the most successful marketing jobs ever — the Mario family of characters, that is), I really enjoyed it.  Isaac played a little, but handed the player one controller back (“It’s too hard!”, he said.  — how many times have I heard that from him, only to later have him be the expert??!!?).  Anyhow, he’s enjoyed being the “co-star” (this is just clever). 

All in all, it is really a fun product — and we haven’t even started connecting to the internet, etc.  For now circulating between the sports stuff and Mario will help the kids (and Mom and Dad!) become familiar with how to use the new interface, as well as seeing things in 3-D motion.  This was quite disconcerting to Liv (and Kim, who is pregnant); admittedly, it can make you sort of queasy to watch Mario run all around, on the ceiling, or on a “world” or other object (round or not!), at first anyway.   The biggest problem will be limiting the time (by the kids, and ME) that it is played; we are already hearing the constant pleading when they get the urge.  Maybe it wears off with time (3 days and counting) — NAH!!

To sum up: We are somewhere in the ballpark of the rest of civilization now: we have a gaming system for the first time as a family!   And it’s fun so far!

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