Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

I went to see the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, by Ben Stein, this week with a friend.  The title is both clever and appropriate, and it was very impressive.  I would highly recommend it to anyone to see the active repression of academic freedom as well as intimidation and “discipline” endured by those in the academic, journalistic, and medical fields on the ID side.  The movie overall does a good job presenting the Intelligent Design / Darwinian Evolution controversy (I’d like to say debate, but that would be inaccurate) and its past and possible future implications.  Among the many good points made by the movie, it did a good job explaining the influence on Darwinian Evolution on the American eugenics programs of the 1920’s and the Nazi incorporation of it into its ideology of extermination of those deemed to be “weak”.
As an aside, it was pretty thought provoking and entertaining (Ben Stein is a character; there were plenty of short TV / movie clips inserted along the way too), but had a more serious tone at the end.  It also is really interesting (and ultimately strangely ironic) to hear the leading evolutionary biologists in their own words.  Ben Stein did a large number of on camera interviews with both the evolutionary biologists and philosophers as well as a journalists, a neurosurgeon, and philosophers and scientists on the ID side.  In my opinion, it was a pretty well written and presented show.  Academic freedom and freedom of speech in general were a key emphasis of the movie.

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