Expelled 2

I found a description of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” on Yahoo.  They did a decent job explaining the premise of the movie.  And even managed to get in a sort of back-handed compliment — or perhaps a back-handed slap at Michael Moore & his sympathetic critics (my emphasis):

” … EXPELLED doesn’t spend most of its time debating intelligent design and evolution. Instead it focuses largely on how the debate itself and its proponents have been ignored or pushed out of classrooms and academia. Filmmaker Nathan Frankowski inserts both original animations and clips of famous films (including PLANET OF THE APES and THE WIZARD OF OZ) to further illustrate his point. Though critics may find fault with EXPELLED for its one-sidedness, it’s no more biased than any of Michael Moore’s critically lauded documentaries.  “

How about that?!  Note: Moore’s “documentaries” were “critically lauded”.  Interesting that it’s a one way street in Hollywood and the movie reviewing media.

By the way, E:NIA has made over $7 M in 4 weeks.  It has dwindled to just over 400 theaters, but all in all it’s not bad considering that a) it is a documentary, b) advertising for the movie is virtually non-existent, and c) apparently, the trailers shown in theaters did not do the movie justice or portray it properly (I only heard about these second hand).

Good movie!

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