Recitals and Narnia 2

Well, Isaac’s “reward” for surviving the music recital was that he and I would go to see Prince Caspian.  Good job by Isaac: he did a great job at the recital!

As for the movie, it was a good show, though quite different from the first.  That is basically because it is quite a different story.  Although there are definitely Christian themes throughout the movie, it does not implicitly tell the story of Jesus’s sacrifice for even a single person’s wrong: that was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Both Isaac and I noticed several differences from the original book which were presumably done for the sake of making a good movie, and which I basically agreed with.  For example, very little time was spent on the relationship and training that Caspian received from Dr. Cornelius; similarly, although a bit more time was given to the Pevensees searching out the old ruins of Cair Paravel, it seemed to go rather quickly.  Overall, I enjoyed the show.  I am thrilled that the translation of Lewis’s books to the “big screen” continues.  Hopefully it will continue through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and, perhaps to my favorite book in the series: The Silver Chair.

Hopefully Prince Caspian will do well at the box office like its predecessor did.  If so, that may encourage Disney to keep going!

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