Court Decision: Disappointed with

Earlier this week, I was scanning an ariticle from in which the Supreme Court reversed an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals judgment on whether a man was “pandering” child pornography.  The 11th Circuit said he was not.  The Supreme Court reversed that, and said “Yes, he was”.  Thus, a Mr. Williams will go to jail 5 or more years.  Good.  But, in the midst of reading it on Monday, I noticed that one of the backers of the child pornographer was  I was somewhat shocked.  After thinking about this, I interpreted from the brief reference that likely makes a LOT of money off of pornography, maybe borderline hard-core pornography, and perhaps even child smut innuendo. 

I rechecked the article today , but noticed that had been deleted from the list of those supporting the defendent.  This is the line where the reference was:

“A coalition of free speech and commercial interests were supporting Williams’ constitutional claims, including the Free Speech Coalition and National Coalition Against Censorship.”

Why the reference was deleted, I don’t know.  So, I did a little more searching and found a more detailed version on  So, after reading the, I am not sure where I stand with  After reading the initial article, I was ready to completely boycott them.  Now I am not sure.  Anyhow, it was disappointing to see such a useful retailer possibly supporting child destructive activities.  I suppose it the end it could be just naked capitalism — no morals needed, thanks.  Or, on the flip side, a secular organization will not respect anyone’s beliefs in particular.  So, I am still deciding whether to jump from the ship; my support is wavering for sure.

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  1. I stopped supporting Amazon when I learned that they peddle animal fighting materials, around the time that the Michael Vick situation came to light. So if they sell dog-fighting stuff, I’m sure child porn can’t be far behind. It’s unfortunate since Amazon has such a great selection, but that selection includes absolute trash.

    Jennifer Lehto from Knoxville (remember me?)

  2. Yes, I do. I am surprised from time to time about who sees this blog! Interesting about Amazon’s other shady dealings; it doesn’t really come as a surprise now. Thanks for the thought.

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