Blue Angels … In Our Backyard!

I have never been to a Blue Angels show before.  I had vaguely heard of them from a friend at work; he goes to see them every year (as I remember) in Florida.  Anyhow, I had no idea what a big thing “The Air Show” in Huntsville would be.  Kim was planning be out of town and my mom was coming to render aid to me in watching the children, so it didn’t enter my mind to go.  Then, on Thursday afternoon, Kim called and said that they were practicing … right over our house!! 

We live just a short distance from the airport, and so, as a result, their practice and live shows passed right over our heads!! I saw them practice on Friday and perform on Saturday.  It was spectacular!  It was so loud when they turned and headed back to the airport that it scared Anna Grace and a guest friend on Thursday.  It was VERY loud!  On some of the passes I got to even read “US Navy” on the bottom of the wings!  My favorite formation, which I didn’t get a picture of, was a six plane formation on its side (a “V” with a plane in the middle).  Another neat moment was to watch a four plane “diamond” formation on its side slowing in its turn past our house, while another plane blazed to catch up … and did … to the rest of the group.  When they passed over, it was awesome!!

On Sunday, the 2nd day of the show, I had planned to watch again.  However, a thunderstorm (maybe even with a “microburst” effect) occurred and things stalled.  I wasn’t sure if the show was delayed too much as the storm had gone on for 45 minutes or so.  Anyway, it wasn’t until the scheduled end time of 4:30 that I realized it was over.  Little did I know that tragedy had struck the show.  I checked the internet around 5 o’clock and found out that the microburst blew over and ripped up several tents and stands.  Several were injured and, sadly, a 5 year old boy was killed.  It is extremely sad for that family.  It was too bad that things ended on such a bad note. 

To summarize my take on the previous good part, I definitely plan to go to the show next time it is in the area.  However, noting the tragedy, we will plan to take a few precautions in case a storm comes through.  Two thumbs up to the Blue Angels! 

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