The Dark(est) Knight

The best movie summer that I can remember is still rolling along (the X-Files: I Want To Believe and STAR WARS: Clone Wars yet to go!).  I went to see The Dark Knight on Friday afternoon with a friend.  And, had it not been for 1 (or maybe 2) things in the story — major things, mind you, I probably would have like this one the best.  The show’s director, Christopher Nolan, really knows how to mess with your head.  He directed the first Bale film (Batman Begins) and a psychological thriller that I watched with my father-in-law once (Memento – THAT really messed with your head!).  I can summarize TDK in four phrases: 1. Thrilling action sequences, 2. masterful acting (certainly for the parts of the Joker and Harvey Dent), 3. ethical dilemmas, and 4. (unfortunately) moral relativism.  I wound up (after a certain part of the movie) feeling pretty disappointed in the whole venture.  The story takes a turn that I am unfamiliar with; I think artistic license in the word to describe why the story was desecrated (DC did some strange things after I quit following the comics, so it may actually be a part of the lore; I’ll have to ask someone more informed than me). 

We’ll see where it goes from here, but I felt kind of empty (and sad) at the end.  I have thought about seeing it again, if only to follow the fantastically written and performed mind games.  It really was a spectacular show in that way.  Oh, and the Joker is definitely nothing more than an agent of pure chaos:  he is a wanton destroyer and force for evil.  That is clearly portrayed.  I think that there will be at least a book or two on the psychology of this movie (I saw a History channel feature was on about it already!).  Anyway, I guess I could say it was two thumbs up — but with a very significant asterisk.  And, if I had to pick, I would still say that Iron Man is the best movie I’ve seen this summer.  Had it been a little different, I would have said TDK, as Batman has always been one of my favorite heroes.  But, oh well — there’s always Star Wars!!

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