A Great Race!

I really got into the Olympics this year.  It has always been something of a personal tradition.  The opening ceremonies were very memorable with the finale to light the torch:  Great finish!  However, I think the chase by Phelps for 8 made this one especially worth watching.  I was so fired up by the men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay.  It was one for the ages.  I found a great article on the race to give some perspective on the historic nature of the race.  It is here.  The best part was that the smack-talking Frenchman, Alain Bernard, got a nice plate of crow served up.  Basically, he said that the French team came to “smash” the Americans.  Well, it didn’t work out that way this year; what a classic race!!  The full race is here

Regarding Phelps, it was great to follow the 8-gold saga.  Probably, the more exciting finish was in the 100 meter butterfly race.  Given today’s technology it really is possible (along with the 1/100 th photos) to believe a 0.01 margin of victory.  That was a fantastic finish!  The whole of the swimming part of the olympics really has given me a picture of how dominant the US is in swimming.

Great fun!

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