A Brief Word on UT Football

I have to say that, after the thrashing that UT took against UF on Saturday, I have lost support for Coach Fulmer.  This a little bit of a statement for me, as I have been in the “36%” that still supports GWB (i.e., Fulmer).  But, poor coaching / execution makes it no fun to watch anymore.  Maybe other teams’ games will be OK to watch, but not UT Football.  There is a good chance that after this weekend, I won’t bother watching or listening to anymore games this season.  That’s because I expect AU to beat UT by 20+ points (the threshold I have set as my “litmus” test).  All in all, it’s not a bad thing as things look to get pretty busy around here this fall.  And, as mentioned above, it is no fun to watch football anymore; it hasn’t been for several years now.  Not that it really matters — it’s just entertainment anyway.  Hopefully, I will put some time into doing something a little more productive — like reading books, for example.

Every team goes through a down cycle.  UT’s football program has been sliding that way for a while.  And, most teams usually rise back up again after a few years.  There are several stories like this all the time — particularly in the SEC.  Coach Fulmer is full of surprises so, as always, you can’t tell how things will go.  But I had enough misery in 2002 & 2005 watching UT.  There is no point in repeating that cycle again.

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  1. Hey Mark. Looks like you will get to start fresh with UT football. I hope the post-Fulmer era goes better than the Fulmer-past his prime era.

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