A Tough Week

Last week I was in Chicago for the balmy weather.  The weather was, in the words of another hotel attendee, “Character-building weather.”  I could not agree more.  It got progressively worse during the week, bottoming out at -17 degF on Friday morning (!).  That is in my top five coldest days in my existence on planet Earth.  And that wasn’t even the half of it.  The weather inside was quite different.

Inside, the weather was rather hot, as in firing-hot.  My organization decided, in the wake of one of the worst quarters ever in the history of the business (one newspaper article used the phrase “global demand collapsed” … and this was not an exaggeration) due to many factors, not the least of which was the financial meltdown and credit crisis which started toppling several dominos.  At any rate, the technology group I am in was significantly downsized, going from around 330 positions worldwide to around 225 — for a total of 32% reduction in total technology staff.  However, approximately 50% of this total was from my home base near Chicago.  The group will not be the same for a while, if ever; my company is pretty much walking away from their tech in one business segment.    So, I (in the unlikely event of surviving the “selection” process and having to move to the Chicago area — brrrr!) have started a job search about 1.5 years after getting this one.  That initially seems too bad, as I really enjoyed the work.  

However, Kim and I are choosing to trust the Lord and we have been very peaceful overall about this.  It really helps not to have a bitter attitude; in fact, it is a chance to show the calm testimony of a Christian in turmoil.  There will be good days and bad days, but again, we are trusting in the Lord.

Of note, there was a blessing from the Lord already — if only for encouragement.  The day after the news came, I received an email from an old boss; his computer was attacked by a virus, so he hadn’t replied to a recent email.  He started with typical greetings, then said that he knew a manager — in the plant down the street — who was looking for a candidate to fill a position!! Praise the Lord for that note! 

So, whether that job works out or not is sort of beside this point.  If it does, it does.  If not, then we will trust in the Lord to bring something good out of our situation in a different way.   We definitely solicit the prayers of our friends as well.

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