A Sigh of Relief

Well, the Lord really blessed the job search.  Last week I received three job offers (!) in three disparate situations doing three unrelated jobs:  1. As a process control engineer at a paper mill in rural Alabama, 2. As a process technologist (current job) with my same company in Chicago, and 3. As a process development engineer in rural Arkansas (what part of Ark ISN’T rural??).  Anyhow, after much deliberation & prayer, I chose the situation in Arkansas.  I think that job has a lot of upside and will expand my skills into new areas.  It could even open up the pharmaceuticals industry, as the processes are mostly batch in nature.

Kim and I praise the Lord for the success of the search in difficult economic times.  I do not take it lightly that I got even one offer (much less three!).  Now we again pray for the Lord’s guidance and favor in making the move.  And so it begins …

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